Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dee Dee’s

Getting Mexican food in the Texas Hill Country is not, as you can imagine, a problem. It is sold in small trailers by the side of the road, expensive and fancy places, and anything in between. You can get it at the various local chains too of course. All in all, depending upon your appetite, and the type of ambience you want, the choices are overwhelming.

One place that I like a lot is Dee Dee’s Tacos & More in Lago Vista. The place sits way back off the road behind a boat sales and repair business, and if it weren’t for the small sign hanging on a fence by the road, you would never see the place. But, all the locals know where the Dee Dee’s is located, and I suppose, that is all that really matters.

The place is popular for its breakfast tacos, and very early in the morning with all that breakfast traffic coming in and going out, you would think you were in a busy airport terminal. Everything is managed very well, however, because we all keep going back for more.

Dee Dee’s is located in a very small white building, with four permanently placed covered picnic tables outside. Despite its small size, there is still room for eight tables and several seats at a dining counter (even though nearly one-third of the restaurant is taken up by the cooking area). The white walls are covered with large photographs of the various menu items for sale, and the room is lit with florescent lighting.

The quaint and no-frills atmosphere aside, the good food, fast service, and reasonable prices are why locals make Dee Dee’s a regular stop. The entire menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items can be purchased all day long. If you feel like a dinner selection at 5:00 in the morning, that’s your business and Dee Dee’s will gladly make it for you. I should mention that there is not only traditional Mexican food on the menu. You can also get eggs, omelets (loaded with all your favorite goodies), pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and beef brisket. They also have a catering service.

My favorite menu item is "Oscarito’s Taco Plate," which consists of two soft Picadillo tacos along with rice and beans. This plate will tell you in a “nutshell” why I am a fan of Dee Dee’s. The soft tacos are not paper thin like a lot of places. They have substance to them, having the thickness of a pancake. Like most authentic Mexican food, the food is not overly spiced, but cooked and flavored with simple ingredients. The beef’s natural flavor is brought out by the onions and potatoes. Lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese top it all off. In my opinion, Spanish rice is often a disappointment at most Mexican eateries, because it is so very dry. I always end up pouring salsa over it to give it much needed moisture and make it more palatable. Such is definitely not the case at Dee Dee’s. The rice served there is very moist, and is flavored nicely with onions. I would not dare spoil it with salsa. Although I don’t get too excited about refried beans anywhere, the beans here are hot and have a gentle smoky flavor.

Authentic foods cooked simply, along with fast and friendly service, make Dee Dee’s Tacos & More, a special place to visit, even if it is a little difficult to find.

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