Sunday, October 11, 2009

He Who Laughs First Is Not Necessarily The One Who Laughs Last

We’ve been trying to get my parents down to the hill country for the longest time. This summer, during our 68 days of 100 degree plus heat, my Dad resisted coming down, claiming it was too hot. And, while we had temperatures in the 90’s this past week, yesterday, on the day of their arrival, the weather was unseasonably cool. Today it’s cool and raining. It’s great to have them down here, but I wish they would have left the cooler weather back up north where it belongs. My Dad must have had this weather planned all along.

My Dad and I hopped into the golf cart this morning to take a drive around the neighborhood. By the time we got back, we were both soaked and cold. He was probably silently laughing during the entire ride. I’m sure that he was thinking that he had picked the perfect week to avoid the hot weather.

He who laughs first is not necessarily the one who laughs last. Temperatures are forecasted to be back into the 90's in a couple days. I’ll be the one laughing then.

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