Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flat Creek Estate And The Texas Wine Country

There is no shortage of wineries in the Texas Hill Country, which is fast becoming known for its wines. As of the latest count, there are at least 24 wineries in the region, and ORBITZ recently named the hill country the 2nd fastest growing wine destination in the country, just behind California’s Napa Valley.

Many vineyards in the hill country are still experimenting with the best variety of grapes to grow. Because some have likened the hill country climate to being similar to that found around the Mediterranean, many varieties of grapes grown in that region are being tried.

The Flat Creek Estate Vineyard & Winery, located on the north shore of Lake Travis, is an excellent example of a hill country winery which produces some very fine wines. Sitting on 80 acres a few miles west of Lago Vista, the estate boasts a tasting room, a bistro, and an outdoor pavilion.

Along with a considerable portfolio of wines, the architectural design of the buildings, both inside and out, make Flat Creek a wonderful place to come for a wine tasting, lunch, or just a visit. The wines of Flat Creek have won numerous awards and, like wines produced at other spots around the hill country, are getting more popular every year.

Recently, I took my brother, visiting from out of state, on a quick sightseeing trip through the hill country. Our last stop was the Flat Creek Estate. The people at the estate are always friendly, knowledgeable, and have a couple of reasonably priced tasting options available. Sitting in the relaxed atmosphere of the tasting room, we spent an hour or so sampling wines. It was a wonderful way to conclude the day after visiting various spots around the scenic hill country.

One of my favorite wines from Flat Creek is an Orange Muscat wine called, Burnt Orange. With an image of the head of a Texas Longhorn and the words, “Born To Be A Texas Longhorn,” etched in orange on the bottle, it makes a great gift for University of Texas fans, or a unique gift for visitors.

The wineries of the Texas hill country, along with all the other historic and scenic locations, are just one more reason that this unique part of the Lone Star State is so special, and why people enjoy visiting the area so much.

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