Monday, September 28, 2009

"Dry" Or Drive-Thru Liquor?

There are plenty of “dry” or partially “dry” counties in Texas. But I’m not referring to the current drought.

Our state has the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Other states have an Alcoholic Beverage Commission as well. I can understand an "Alcohol" Beverage Commission, but an "Alcoholic" Beverage Commission? Who is minding things? The prior name in Texas was the Texas Liquor Control Board. Someone must have figured that the name sounded too authoritarian and too controlling. That's probably not a good thing in Texas. In typical Texas fashion it was decided to let loose, have a drink or two and change the name. Of course, I'm just kidding.

Anyway, the TABC states that out of the 254 counties in Texas, there are 32 completely dry counties, 42 completely wet counties, and the rest are a combination. You know, you can’t just be all one way or another on this stuff. There’s partially wet, or perhaps it’s partially dry. Beer only, beer and wine only, part of the county wet and part of the county dry. It all seems very confusing to me.

The point to all of this is, where it’s dry, it's bone dry. But, where it's wet, it can be really wet. There are quite a few states with drive-thru beer and wine, but only a few, like Texas, that go all the way with drive-thru liquor.

It is now possible, in some Texas counties, to pick up food at the local fast food drive-thru, get your mixers and ice at another drive-thru, obtain your favorite booze at the liquor drive-thru, and pull up to the pharmacy drive-thru the next morning to get something for the hangover. What a crazy drive-thru world Texas is.

And remember, as you pull into the drive-thru, please pay attention to the sign cautioning you to be careful pulling your boat or truck and trailer through the building while picking up your fifth of liquor. We can't be too careful now, can we?

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