Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Texas Hill Country Comfort Food

We all have tough days, and on difficult days when I lived in the Midwest, I could always count on getting my mind back in the game by dropping by the nearest Frisch’s ® restaurant for the Super Big Boy ® Platter. The platter meant devouring an extra large double-decker cheeseburger with the choice of any two sides. And hey, if you need “comfort,” there is nothing wrong with making both sides macaroni and cheese.

When I moved to Texas, I faced a problem. There are no Frisch’s, and I did not discover anything that approximates the platter. I needed to find a replacement, a Texas replacement.

Finding great food is not hard in the Texas Hill Country. You’ve got barbecue beef brisket, chicken, sausage, catfish, kolaches and all kinds of Tex-Mex, to name just a few. But, great food is one thing, comfort food is another.

It wasn’t long before I found what I was looking for. As it turns out, my new comfort food is a staple in hill country: chicken fried steak. A round steak hammered paper thin, coated in seasoned batter and fried, then covered in white gravy. Normally offered in two portions, 4 ounce or 8 ounce, it’s found nearly everywhere, and it always fills the bill. If you’re not in the mood for beef, chicken fried chicken is a great substitute.

And what sides will go with that? Why, two sides of macaroni and cheese, of course. It works every time.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I'm enjoying your Texas Hill Country musings at least as much as I enjoy a huge piping hot bowl of mac & cheese. However, chicken fried steak must be accompanied by by mashed potatoes, piled as high as the steak is long. Just my opinion...