Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day In The Hill Country

Thanksgiving Day 2009 is coming to a close in the Texas Hill Country. After a huge holiday meal, and the late afternoon nap, people are beginning to stir now, getting ready to watch the University of Texas play Texas A&M on TV.

It was a beautiful and very mild day in the hill country, and like everywhere else around the nation, families were together preparing and eating delicious Thanksgiving meals. While plenty of folks around here enjoyed the traditional turkey and ham dinner, the diversity of cultures found in the hill country meant other great food was prepared today as well.

Walking out the door early this morning, the wonderful smell of mesquite smoke had already filled the air. Despite the early hour, the chimney vents of the pit barbecues in the area were pouring out a great aroma, heralding the start of the day. The various pits were smoking turkey and beef brisket, and it made me wish that I had been invited to one of their Thanksgiving dinners.

The German influence in the hill country also meant that some homes were preparing German sausage, sauerbraten, and red cabbage. Given the Mexican influence in the region, other families were enjoying chorizo, and given the abundance of wildlife present in the state, some were enjoying wild game. I’m quite sure that more than a few homes were enjoying Texas chili and jalapeno cornbread. Vegetarians and vegans, too, celebrated with their own holiday creations of locally grown crops.

Whatever food people were enjoying today, the most important thing was that they were enjoying it along with their family and friends, and that is why Thanksgiving is so special every year.


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