Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chocolate Covered Bacon And Internet Radio

It’s been raining on and off for three days now, and it has certainly cooled things off. The last several days the temperatures have been in the 60’s. With cool snaps like this, it is easy to identify the native Texans from transplants from the north. I’m a transplant. I was in shorts and a t-shirt today. The native Texans were bundled up in jackets and long pants. Back into the 90’s by the weekend though. Everyone will be back to dressing like me.

Given the wet cooler day, I decided to drive into Austin and run a few errands.

First stop, the Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress Avenue. I have a friend in Ohio; let’s just refer to him by his initials, CB, who for some reason is enamored with bacon. He is not alone. They are out there in force you know, at least based on the number of bacon-related websites. These sites demonstrate all the things you can do with bacon before eating it. Some things are creative, some things look pretty good, and other things are just plain disgusting.

Anyway, I learned that the Big Top Candy Shop sold chocolate covered bacon. I told CB about it, and promised that I would head down to the Big Top and try it out someday. Today was the day.

It’s a neat place, the kind of place you remember from your childhood if you have any years on you. Located in an old building, every kind of candy you can imagine is present, including things, which, at least I have not seen for years. When, for example, was the last time you saw (now, politically incorrect) bubble gum/candy cigarettes?

After standing behind a man who bought over $300.00 worth of individual pieces of candy (I’m not kidding), I plunked down 3 bucks and change for a single piece of chocolate covered bacon and left. It was actually better than I expected. The chocolate mixed well with the salty bacon. It’s not something I want to eat every day, but, it was worth the trip. It was darn good CB. Come to think of it, your initials just might stand for Chocolate Bacon.

Speaking of friends in Ohio, the old Oxford, Ohio radio station, WOXR, 97.7 FM, which later evolved into WOXY (97X), and eventually into the internet-only,, has just relocated to Austin. It is also located on South Congress Avenue, so after my stop at the Big Top Candy Shop, I checked out the new digs. Undeniably, the music scene here in the "Live Music Capital of the World” is better than that of southwestern Ohio. I wish the station well. As Dustin Hoffman said in the movie, Rain Man, “97X – Bam – The Future of Rock and Roll.”

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