Sunday, September 27, 2009

Parking Lot Food

Most places around the country, you park your car in the parking lot, and walk inside a restaurant to get food. In the hill country, you can also get your food in the parking lot.

Austin and the hill country are populated with trailers, smokers, and cooking stations of all kinds serving up whatever you can imagine. There are Tacos of course, and barbecue, but also a lot more. How about Asian sandwiches? What about subs? Would anyone like crepes?

I love the fact that when I’m hungry I can drive to a parking lot and find food. Yesterday was no exception. I drove to the parking lot of the local grocery store, and took away one heck of a barbecue pork sandwich. Wow, was it good. The meat was spilling out of the bun, and I’ve never tasted a moister, smokier pork sandwich. I want to offer my compliments to the chef, or whoever that cowboy was. There is no “please wait to be seated” or “please seat yourself.” Parking lot food is pretty much, “what ya got? OK, let me have one of those.” And, the cooks are always the friendliest people in the world. It’s easy to understand. This is their food, they love cooking it, and they are darn proud of it.

See y'all in the parking lot. I’ll be the one with barbecue sauce dripping down my shirt.

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  1. Good blog! I never saw a hamburger like that!


    From Spain