Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Decoding Texas Road Signs

Texas, it seems, always has to be a little different.

Everywhere else, state highway signs usually have the state route number inside of an outline of the state, or, simply the route number with a state name. That’s always been easy enough. But here in Texas, things are a bit more complicated. Here, the state highway signs are coded with an FM or RM. Visitors to Texas always want to know what the letters mean.

Apparently, it was important when the rural state roads were established to give them a nomenclature that would have some meaning. While the meaning may be less important today than it was at one time, the signs represent a visible piece of Texas history for today’s motorists.

Let’s decode the signs:

FM: Farm to Market
RM: Ranch to Market

And while we’re on the subject of Texas road sign codes, there are two more you may see from time to time. CR, which means County Road, and RR, which means Ranch Road.

Now then, from now on, there is no excuse for us not finding our way to the market from either a farm or a ranch. FM means Farm to Market and RM means Ranch to Market. But what road do we take if we are not going to the market from a farm or ranch? Or, how do we get back to the farm, ranch, or some place else from the market? There don't seem to be any codes for those situations, and that's a problem.

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